French Style Painting in VA

There are a variety of ways you can decorate your kitchen. If you are interested in creating a theme for your kitchen but aren’t sure what theme to use, use a French countryside theme as your inspiration. A French countryside theme instigates energizing bright colors that create a cheerful room. Different areas of France inspire different French styled kitchens. France’s Provence area utilizes lavender, rose, and honey. Have a painter in VA paint your kitchen a honey almond color or golden color will create a Provence style kitchen feel. You can choose one color to be the dominant color and an intermediate color that will be used to compliment the rest of the space. Pottery and old photos can be used to decorate above the doorway of the kitchen. Many French homes decorate in this manner. Hexagon terra cotta tomette tiles are the flooring style of choice in France. Any … Continued

Painting Rooms Gray in Virginia

Many people don’t think of gray when painting interior rooms. There are many different styles the color gray can give your rooms. If you aren’t sure what to do with the color gray, your painter in VA can give you some ideas. There are many shades of gray mixed with beiges, greens, blues, and lavender colors to create warmer colors. There are many grays to choose from stores. You can easily find a color that will work for your home! Whether you are painting a master bedroom or dining room, the color gray will add a soothing atmosphere to the room. Gray also works well as an accent color for lilac and yellow colors. Lighter shades of gray work well with light blue shades. Gray can also be added to the room with accessories. Pillows, picture frames, and lamps are a great way to accessorize with the color gray. There … Continued

Painters Recommend the Color Yellow

Yellow is a bright and cheery color. However, some people worry it could be too overwhelming for a wall color. Don’t hesitate in letting your VA painter coat your walls with a light or dark yellow paint. Lighter tones of yellow are a great option for any room in the home. It can brighten up a room on even the dreariest day. Light yellows can also make rooms appear larger. Yellow is a calming, but energetic color. This makes it work great in an office or study. Deeper tones of yellow are a little trickier. To avoid feeling overwhelmed with a deep yellow color, you can paint a smaller area of your house. Kitchens are a great place for this. There are many appliances and cabinets to even out the color. Painting above the sink or below a window will give you the bold color without overwhelming the room. Dark … Continued

Home Improvement MD Historic Painting Projects

If you are in need of a fresh coat of paint on your walls, your next home improvement MD project may be painting. Check out this new inspiration to help you redecorate. You can now purchase historic paint colors to use in your home. This option may be interesting to you, especially if you live in an older home. The paint choice of La Fonda has a palette of colors that reflect a southwestern style of the La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The southwest colors you will incorporate range from rich reds, deep blues, earthy browns to warm terra cottas. The paint colors for Belle Grove derive from 19th century country style colors chosen from a historic manor in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson and the Shanandoah Valley’s gorgeous mountain views influenced this palette. The colors are warm neutral tones with splashes of bright color. Filoli colors are inspired … Continued

Maryland Paint Finish Advice

Each paint manufacturer has its own guidelines for how much sheen goes into each paint finish. If you buy a satin finish from one manufacturer, it will look different than the satin finish of a competitor’s line of paints. Stick to the same brand to avoid subtle differences. Consult with a local painting contractor for help in picking out and applying the best paint choice for your home improvement MD project. High-gloss finish paints are rarely used for interior painting purposes because they leave a very shiny finish. Semi-gloss paints have a mildly glossy appearance and are often the paint of choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Rooms that are prone to moisture and mildew should be painted with a semi-gloss finish. You can even have mildew resistant properties mixed into your paint. You can also use semi-gloss for trims, moldings, and doors. A satin finish has a sheen which is … Continued