Microscopic mold spores exist almost everywhere. Any home or business can quickly become infested with mold with the introduction of a water source, such as a roof or plumbing leak. Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48-72 hours, causing not only damage but also potential health effects. If you suspect your residence or commercial property in Fairfax, VA, (or the surrounding Northern Virginia and metro D.C. areas) has a mold problem, Construction Systems of Virginia Inc. has the expertise to handle the situation. To request a free onsite consultation for mold remediation services, contact us at (703) 473-5797.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of identifying and correcting mold issues in a structure. Unfortunately, simply cleaning with bleach and water will not kill mold. To effectively remove the dangerous spores and fungi from a home or business, the cause of the infestation must be addressed. Mold removal is best left to a professional trained to handle hazardous material and eliminate the spread of mold to other rooms.

  • Identify and isolate damaged areas
  • Remove affected materials
  • Eliminate moisture sources
  • Repair and restore

Construction Systems has the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively reestablish a healthy environment — isolating damaged areas, removing affected materials, and eliminating moisture sources. If the water source causing the mold infestation is coming from a leak in your roof or siding, our team can also assist with improving your home’s exterior to prevent future issues, and we will work on correcting water damage as well.

Need Mold Removal in Fairfax

Full-Service Restoration & Remodeling Experts

Family-owned and -operated, Construction Systems has been providing professional restoration and home remodeling services in the Greater Washington, D.C. area for more than 30 years. We proudly serve Arlington, Oakton, McLean, Fairfax, VA, and the surrounding areas. In addition to mold removal and restoration, we also specialize in interior and exterior painting, dustless blasting, restoring damage caused by storms or fires, and more. Contact us at (703) 473-5797 and request a free onsite consultation for your home or business.

Let’s Rid Your Property of Mold.