Many people don’t think of gray when painting interior rooms. There are many different styles the color gray can give your rooms. If you aren’t sure what to do with the color gray, your painter in VA can give you some ideas.

There are many shades of gray mixed with beiges, greens, blues, and lavender colors to create warmer colors. There are many grays to choose from stores. You can easily find a color that will work for your home! Whether you are painting a master bedroom or dining room, the color gray will add a soothing atmosphere to the room.

Gray also works well as an accent color for lilac and yellow colors. Lighter shades of gray work well with light blue shades. Gray can also be added to the room with accessories. Pillows, picture frames, and lamps are a great way to accessorize with the color gray. There are so many ways you can incorporate gray into a room that you won’t go wrong!

If you still are unsure of how to use the color gray, ask your painter in VA for advice. Construction Systems of Virginia Inc. provides painting, restoration and home improvement needs. Call us at (703) 473-5797 today!