Yellow is a bright and cheery color. However, some people worry it could be too overwhelming for a wall color. Don’t hesitate in letting your VA painter coat your walls with a light or dark yellow paint.

Lighter tones of yellow are a great option for any room in the home. It can brighten up a room on even the dreariest day. Light yellows can also make rooms appear larger. Yellow is a calming, but energetic color. This makes it work great in an office or study.

Deeper tones of yellow are a little trickier. To avoid feeling overwhelmed with a deep yellow color, you can paint a smaller area of your house. Kitchens are a great place for this. There are many appliances and cabinets to even out the color. Painting above the sink or below a window will give you the bold color without overwhelming the room. Dark entryways, hallways, or laundry room are also a great place for yellow walls. It will help to brighten up these spaces where natural lighting is scarce.

If you aren’t sure what yellow paint to use, ask for advice from your VA painter. They will have some suggestions to help you brighten any of your home’s walls. Contact Construction Systems of Virginia Inc. for all of your painting, restoration, and home improvement needs. Call us at (703) 473-5797 today!